Custom Tools/Scripts/Code

I have advanced code writing skills and can create various custom tools, written in VB/VBA/SQL, for the MS office suite (Excel, Word, Outlook, Access) and Active Directory.

Please contact me for more information on any of these tools, or if you require any custom tools to be created.

Examples of tools written:

General Security Based Tools:

  • RBAC profiling tool, to report back various RBAC roles, from a selected applications Access Control List (ACL).
  • ACL consolidation tool, which is a script that binds multiple ACLs together, to create one large ACL (useful for loading into the Aveksa Compliance manager MA-EDC
  • Advanced User to HR matching tools, using various HR sources to correctly identify each user’s correct line manager and current status (leaver, maternity etc..)

Active Directory (AD) based tools:

  • Exporting all, or selected users from multiple domains to excel, showing all SOX required information.
  • Displaying AD group memberships, including nested groups.
  • Show all users within a domain who have no password or do not need a password, are disabled, are locked or where the account does not expire.
  • “True Last Login” script to show the actual last login of all users, querying all Domain Controllers.

Outlook/Lotus Notes & Excel Comms tools:

  • Bulk email generators using excel and outlook (lotus notes) to send custom emails with attachments to thousands of users, listed within excel.
  • Scripts to read outlook emails and perform logic/reporting, for example on ‘out of office’ / bounced emails
  • Scripts to read outlook emails, then save and process attached emails – especially useful when appending multiple excel email replies together
  • Send batches of emails saved as draft
  • Move all emails to archive folders as they are sent (useful when doing bulk comms)

People / Name Resolving tools:

  • Scripts to resolve lists of users (SamAccountName/Display Name/SMTP/alias) within excel against AD to find more information
  • Scripts to resolve lists of users (Name/Email) using the Outlook Global Address List (GAL) to find more information about them, helping to resolve situations where users don’t log into an application with their AD/HR ID.

Windows Folder Tools:

  • Scripts to show all folders within a network. When paired with active directory, this can help to lock down Network groups.