Poor SOD’s lead to accused theft of 140k Euro

  • posted by Jamie Pryer
  • posted on September 6th 2010


August 2010: KLM employee accused of fraud – due to insufficient SoD-controls

An employee of KLM is suspected of fraud. The 44-year-old man from Amstelveen worked at the airline’s customer service. He would have reported false complaints, which he filled in his personal bank account as a beneficiary. Then he authorized payments. The employee also reopened old cases against KLM and replaced the original account by his.

In total, the man committed fraud for more than 145,000 euro.

The root cause of this fraud –from an organizations perspective- is that this employee held a toxic combination of authorizations. This is a key issue that I work to resolve, in the companies I have been placed in.

Source: NOS.nl

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