Security Training & Awareness

During my 8 years IT Security experience, 2 major companies (“IBM” and “Fidelity International”) have sent me to India to help setup and train offshore/DR security teams.

These trips were always a great success and greatly helped to improve each company’s global security teams. I worked at both a team level, training groups of up to 20 staff, down to individual training depending on the requirements and skill-sets of each user.

My trips involved me running my own classes, presentations and tests, all of which were in place to quickly bring the new employees up to speed and ready to support the main teams running out of the UK. During the training I was helping the managers to choose and define which of the staff would be best suited for the various roles that needed to be filled.

My experiences have helped me to improve my ability to easily convey complex security processes and practices to users of all levels, from very senior directors to low-level workers.

Each time both the teams of users and all senior managers were very confident that the work and training I had completed was done to a very high standard and could be followed after my departure.