I have worked on many projects, both small and large, to help reduce the time and processes involved within security teams. It’s not uncommon to work with BAU teams and identify many of their daily process which are taking far too much manual effort.

Most security teams will use a number of applications, normally based around excel/word/access and hopefully Active Directory as well. However a poor understanding of the power of these tools, leads to manual processes and mundane tasks being completed on a daily basis, all of which could be eliminated.

I have been able to develop many processes and tools, to help reduce the time and effort in the day-to-day tasks of various teams, allowing them to free up more time to work on other important tasks.

My unique mix of both technical development and business analyst skills allow me to work with new teams, quickly identify where there is far too much manual work, and then produce the tools need to automate this work.

As an example, one team I worked with were completing a monthly task in excel and outlook, that was taking three full man days a month to complete. After analysing this process, I was able to produce a tool that took this down to 1 hour per month, in just 2 days.