Access Control

Access Control is a key part of any company’s IT Security setup.  However, it is often the case that a lack of understanding of the importance of this vital area results in the supporting business and technical processes being poorly executed.  In response to this, I have both raised awareness of the key issues involved and helped companies develop solutions that achieve secure business processes and SOX compliancy.

Poor Access Control can lead to major problems and serious financial losses, as Société Générale found out in 2008, when a single trader lost €4.9 billion*. The trader had achieved an inappropriate position of authority over his years with the bank;  this  would not have occurred, had  a straight-forward system of Access Control been in place.

I have worked in many banks,improving already-existing systems or setting up strong and sustainable Access Control processes. These processes ensure that banks maintain a high level of integrity and work as a preventative measure against financial theft and various other IT Security breaches.

The experience and skills that I have gained in Access Control ensure that I can work effectively with organisations at all levels: firstly, identifying their key problems, then assembling the business processes and plans required to resolve those problems, and finally, taking a leading role to ensure that the work is carried out efficiently, to a high specification and meeting target deadlines.